big 5 game reserve investment opportunity

own a piece of african big 5 game reserve


I. Introduction


  • Tumbeta Private Game Reserve is a private game reserve situated in the Western,Limpopo province of South Africa. Approximately 75 kms Northwest of Thabazimbi and about 3.5 hour’s drive from Johannesburg. The reserve is based in a game rich area and made up of flat, Sweet Bushveld, Western sandy Bushveld and mixed Bushveld, all of which are very productive for a number of wildlife species. A number of species occurred naturally in the area and others have been reintroduced with the intention of accommodating all species which would have naturally occurred in the area.
  • The reserve has now been structured to have multiple owners. This in the interest of expanding the reserve. The larger the conservation area, the more feasible and the more value it brings as a conservation area. Neighbours or potential investors can join the reserve under the established MOI and the agreement to the rules and regulations.


  • Currently the reserve covers approximately 8000 hectares and has 3 owners.
II. Key Points Around Tumbeta Location


  • A very safe area with only gravel road access off the main routes and very far from human settlement
  • No land claims
  • Low poaching and crime risk.
  • Strong biodiversity and suitable ecology.
  • Good wildlife and bird viewing
  • Malaria free and fairly close proximity to Johannesburg.
III. Investment Potential


  • Natural land and private reserves where Big 5 species can still roam free have seen a consistent increase in value for a number of decades. This type of land is scarce and in fact, declining throughout Africa. There are limited reserves where one can buy this type of land securely.
  • Due to the large spaces required, the appropriate habitat and competition with other land uses it is not easy to establish more reserves going forward. This type of property will remain scarce and sought after.
  • Tumbeta offers strong game viewing and allows for commercial operations and business opportunities.
  • Low cost to own – a lot of the focus at Tumbeta is to look at a sustainable, lower monthly cost to own in the reserve.
  • Contribution to conservation
  • Positive impact on the environment and local community.
IV. Habitat, Biodiversity and Game Viewing


  • Tumbeta reserve is made up of classic bushveld similar to many areas you would find in the Kruger Park and other parks and game reserves of Southern Africa. The topography is relatively flat with large areas of Marula tree forest, Knobthornwoodland, Acacia and Combretum veld. The area is in a transition area between the Waterberg biome and the Sweet bushveld found further west. The Sweet Bushveld provides for a solid foundation of grazing and browse quality which leads to a large and diverse population of wildlife. This productive habitat attracts high numbers of insects which in turn attract rodents and birds, plains game and predators which all occur in good numbers. The critically endangered white back and Lappet face vultures breed on the reserve.
  • Tumbeta offers exceptional plains game viewing and excellent birding. The area is also home to a number of smaller predators. Bat eared fox, Honey badger, African wild cat, Caracal and Aardwolf are regularly sighted. A number of small animals thrive on the reserve including, tree squirrels, mongoose, tortoise, Aardvark and Porcupine to mention only a few. Cheetah, Leopard and Brown Hyena always occurred on the reserve. Spotted Hyena and Wild dog occasionally crossed through the reserve. The reserve has reintroduced large predators in the form of Lion and Spotted Hyena and more habituated Cheetah to bolster the natural population. These animals were selected from reserves where they were already habituated to game viewers and offer excellent viewing opportunities. Elephant are in process of being introduced which will complete the big 5 species.
VI. How to Invest


  • The reserve currently consists of 7 title deeds or portions thereof and these allow for a portion of the reserve to be purchased. Interested buyers can own their own title deed under the provisions of the MOI and rules and regulations. The reserve is also open to including neighbouring farms on a similar basis. Please contact us for more details.
  • Contact information for Tumbeta Private Game Reserve investment team:



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