Saving South Africa’s Predators

Saving South Africa’s last free roaming, endangered predators. These include Leopard, wild dog, brown hyena and Cheetah.

The Waterberg district and northern and western Limpopo are home to the last free roaming wild dogs and a critically important Cheetah population which moves freely across multiple game farm, cattle farm and private reserve properties. It is also home to an important leopard and Brown hyena population.

They have survived here for years and the reason they can is due to their large spacial utilisation, typical of these species and larger carnivores.

By traversing large distances and using large tracts of land, there is no significant ‘damage’ done to any single property. They have also adapted to be more secretive and elusive in order to survive in cattle and game farming areas where they are not always welcome.



Our focus is to attain accurate data on the movements of these predators, work with and support our neighbouring farmers and share in our findings at ground level so that landowners are better informed and become more tolerant of these species which also bring value to the area.

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