Rosie, the Leopard at Tumbeta Private Game Reserve

by | Mar 15, 2023

Tumbeta Private Game Reserve offers exceptional game viewing.

It has been 6 months since we collared the young female Leopard, Rosie, which uses Tumbeta as her territory and we continue to get interesting data. In this time, she has not left the boundaries of the Tumbeta Private Game Reserve, which is somewhat unusual for Leopards which tend to traverse over large areas and be able to pass through typical reserve fencing due to their agility and ability to squeeze through small spaces. They are also exceptional climbers and often use trees to navigate fences.

“this territorial behaviour is very important for their survival in a game farming environment”

Rosie has been in contact with the resident male Leopard so we do anticipate she may have cubs in the near future. She has also had to avoid a more dominant older female Leopard which has always used the Southern side of the Tumbeta Private Game Reserve. We quite often find her having to move a large distance only to find tracks of another Leopard. This territorial behaviour is very important for their survival in a game farming environment and for keeping the right balance to avoid too much impact on the prey populations.

“Leopards are solitary animals with large territories”

By having these large territories which they will defend against other Leopards, they manage their density according to the available prey and ensure there won’t be an excessively high Leopard density in any single area. Leopards are solitary animals with large territories and this allows them to be able to survive on game farms without having too much impact on the plains game species. They also play an important role in weaning out the weaker animals and keeping the smaller predators in balance. Black backed Jackal continues to be an important prey item.

She has also killed Aardwolf, Caracal and African Wild Cat.

Rosie also specializes in feeding on ground birds, she commonly catches Spur Fowl (Francolin) and Guinea Fowl. We have a very high population of these birds on the reserve and they are an important, sustainable food source.

Tumbeta Private Game Reserve

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